Pizza for Ukraine

This site helps you send a pizza or pizzas right now to a Kharkiv bomb shelter, emergency room or someone else who needs it!

2,132 pizzas delivered so far.



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Hi. This is Mark Bernstein and Scott Johnson. We are both software developers, writers and long time friends. A few months ago, Mark wanted to help out in the Ukraine war and didn't know what to do. And then he realized that he could feed people just by sending pizza. Scott came into the picture when he saw Mark's message about this on Facebook and offered to build the website. And that gave us:

Pizza for Ukraine

To date we've raised almost $30,000 and spent 100% of it sending pizzas to feed people in the Ukraine. This isn't a big fancy charity effort, it is just two software guys with Facebook, PayPal and calling pizza shops in the Ukraine.

How This Works

  1. You send the $ you want to donate to our paypal account - You can use the form below or just use paypal from your phone / tablet / computer as you like.
  2. We send that money onto the local pizza vendors we found - listed on the faq.
  3. They deliver the pizzas to bomb shelters!

Use the PayPal Buy Now button below to donate.
This is set up for 1 pizza, 3 pizzas or 10 pizzas.



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