Where does the pizza come from?

We are sending the pizza's from:

How much does a single pizza cost?

About $15 American dollars

What size is a pizza?

They do one size: huge. It may make you laugh that their website translates as "Huge! American! For you!". We like these people.

Can I specify what goes on the pizza?

Nope. There's a war on. Let's all be happy to just get pizza across town during war time.

Why are you doing this?

Mark Bernstein saw this — pizza delivery to the Ukraine — emerge, organically from the war. He was tired of sitting on his hands, thinking that there was nothing he could do to help. So the answer to the question What can one person do ?
They can send pizza !!!

Can I get a charitable deduction for this?

Nope! This isn't charity -- it is simply helping out. There is no 501(3)(c), no formal effort, etc. This is just "kick in some $$$ and we'll send an order to a Ukraine pizza shop and have them deliver it".

Do I have to go thru you?

Not at all. The link to the pizza place is here (and there are certainly others of course; Google is your friend).

Who is involved?

Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems put this idea on Facebook on 4/16. I, Scott Johnson, found it (Mark is one of my oldest professional friends) and I started on the website on 4/17. And it went live on 4/18.

Since this is charity, why is this a .com domain not a .org?

No real reason save that AWS defaults to .com not .org and the domain was registered in a hurry.

Pizzas come in different sizes. What does the number of pizzas on the home page measure?

Ottantotto does small pizzas — like ~8" vs Daddy’s 10". For simplicity, we report large pizza equivalents (LPEs) which are 1 Daddys or 2 Ottantottos. Yes, indeed, this is tech nerd based charity at work.

I have a question! (Or a suggestion.)

Email Mark Bernstein: bernstein AT eastgate.com and / or Scott Johnson: fuzzygroup AT gmail.com.

Is there a Facebook page for this?

Facebook: PizzaForKharkiv (PizzaForUkraine wasn't available)